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Let Copyland take care of your bulk-mail needs

Printing out flyers, brochures and mail-outs is just the beginning of what we are able to offer at Copyland. We can go many steps further by looking after the folding, inserting and distribution of your mail from print press to mail box.

Using the power of digital print, we are able to merge your database with your designs for more personal mail.

Having your branding on envelopes helps to drive brand recognition and create a trustworthy feel.

Document Inserting

Insert multiple documents using the power of automation. Supports OMR barcodes and Variable Data.

Mail Lodgement

Take advantage of our commercial bulk-mail pricing to keep your direct marketing costs down.

Automated Mail Insertion

We use Pitney Bowes mail inserting machines to insert multiple documents from DLE to C4 size.

We can pair the power of these machines with our ability to print variable data with OMR barcodes, ensuring that your entire mailing list only receives the mail that is meant to them and relevant based on your data.

An example of where we have used this is doing rates mail-outs for city councils and inserting promotional material into utility bills.

Printed Z-fold Brochure Image

Trimming & Folding

We have a suite of Duplo machines which are able to trim, crease and fold your documents down into a range of sizes and configurations.

Perfect for mail, brochures, restaurant menus, and more.

We can tri-fold, z-fold, accordion and roll-fold – no problem.

Envelope Overprinting

Branded Envelopes create trust, display professionalism and drive brand awareness.

Copyland owns two Halm envelope overprinting machines; a two-colour machine and a four-colour machine. Each has its own advantage which allows us to price envelope printing at an incredibly competitive rate.

Both machines utilise an offset printing process instead of digital to provide the most accurate colour replication with crystal clear print quality. These machines can allow us to print around 45,000 envelopes every hour.

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What is Variable Data?

Excel Data Image

Variable Data turns your database into meaningful communication.

Variable Data Printing is a form of digital printing where each printed page can have changing elements like names, addresses, images and colours.

Historically, businesses have mostly utilised variable data printing to change the names and addresses on bulk mail-outs. While this is a good use of variable data, there are so many more direct marketing opportunities available, so long as you have the data to begin with.

Benefits of using Variable Data


The goal is to grab your customer's attention. Without your customer's name at least at the top of the page, they are unlikely to bother reading your mail any further.


Different demographics have different interests - no surprises there, right? Make sure that the printed material you send out is relevant to your customers.


If you know when your customers are having a birthday or that they have moved addresses, you can send out mail which specifically offers a discount at their new local store.


Instead of having multiple templates for your various customer segments, use just one template with variable fields to capture all segments in one print run.

How it works

Step One

Determine which fields of your design will be variable. We use [square brackets] to indicate which fields are variable and the data that will be dropped there.

Step Two

Create a spreadsheet with key data that will be relevant to variable fields on your design.

Step Three

Provide us with your designs and spreadsheet data. Decide on the placement of any other variables like images.

Step Four

Let our high-speed digital presses take care of the rest. Since everything is printed digitally, all of your variations will be finished in just one run.

How Variable Data Works - Infographic

Getting started only requires your design

To start using variable data, all we need is a design file showing what the output should be and some details around how you would like to segment your data. If you use a creative studio already, that’s perfect. Alternatively, our design team can help you create a variable template from the ground up.

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Get Started

Change the color to match your brand or vision, add your logo, choose the perfect layout, modify menu settings and more.

Wedding Stationery


Happy couples who fancied Copyland as their wedding stationery printer

The team at Copyland are able to look after everything printable for your special day. Invitations, Menus, Party Favour Labels, Seating plans and Welcome Signs – customised is our specialty.

Copyland can also look after all of the time-consuming admin of inserting invitations into envelopes, individually addressing them and mailing them out to your guests. Talk to us about how we can take this weight off your shoulders.

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Your Theme,
Our Ink

No matter what theme you choose for your wedding, we can find a way to reflect this throughout your entire stationery suite from invitations to party favours.

Customisation is common-place when designing the stationery suite for a wedding. This could be as simple as matching printed colours to your theme or as intricate as die-cutting different shapes into alternative paper stocks. Every extra touch goes that step further to create a genuinely special feel.

Menu and Place Cards in Elegant Table setting
Copyland Printed - Wedding Change the Date Cards


The headline of your wedding stationery suite. This is one of the pieces that friends and family will hold onto long after your wedding is over so make sure you make it special.

Thank You Cards

It's traditional to send out thank you cards within three months of your wedding. These are usually printed after the wedding so that a photo of the bride and groom can be included.

Party Favours

Small gifts for every guest which are usually waiting on each seat placement. We can easily put name tags on each one to help them feel more personal.

Large Signs

Welcome and Seating Placement signs are commonly displayed in A1 size near entrances to the venue. There are plenty of options but printed corflute board is currently the most popular option.

Wedding Planners

Keeping track of all the things on your to-do list while organising your inspiration can be a heavy task in itself. We can help you create a memorable folder which will be a special keepsake for years to come.

Photo Albums

Digital photos are great for sharing immediately but physical photo albums are great for showing and reminiscing with family for years to come. We can help you with designing and presenting your very own wedding album.

Planning Timeline

Planning a wedding can be stressful at times as there are a lot of things to keep track of and remember to do. If you’re purchasing the complete wedding stationery set from us, we can help ensure you have all your event invitations printed and sent out on time.

Sample Pack

Order our sample pack which contains various stocks, fonts, designs and colours. This can help you pick the overall theme of your stationery suite.

Save The Date

Create some excitement by letting your friends and family know when you are planning on celebrating your big day.

Formal Invitation

Your wedding invitations and RSVP cards are the focal points of your wedding stationery. Your loved ones will save these for years to come so make sure they look the best they can.

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Pre-Wedding Events

Bridal Showers, Bachelor Parties, Rehearsal Dinners - there are so many exciting events to look forward to. Veer away from your main theme and create something unique for each occasion.


Usually themed to match the formal invitations, your on-the-day stationery helps to carry the theme which you set out months ago. Think menus, seating plans, programs and welcome signs.


Thank-you cards are traditionally sent within three months. Remember to thank everyone who attended and contributed to your happily ever after.

Our Work

We feel very privileged to have worked with so many happy couples who have trusted us with printing their personalised wedding stationery. Here are just a few examples of our work.

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If you would like to know more about how we can help you plan for your big day or you would like to get started on creating your wedding stationery suite, please use the form below or give us a call.

Branded Envelopes


Types of envelopes available.


We supply the full range of Croxley envelopes either blank by the box, with postage paid, or customised with your own company branding.



Envelopes overprinted every hour.


And our machines have the capacity to do a lot more! Our dedicated machines can print up to 45,000 envelopes an hour when running at 100%.



Happy clients, nationwide.


We can deliver all over New Zealand and even to Australia. Distance isn't an issue, our team are available to chat with you over the phone or via Zoom.


Why your business should use Branded envelopes

There are many reasons why your business should use custom branded envelopes. To name just a few, customised envelopes give your business extra credibility when arriving in a customers mailbox, they help create consistency across your branding strategy, and they allow you to excite your customers with promotional offers printed directly onto the envelope without distracting from the content within. Personalised Envelopes are the most professional way to communicate with your customers and give your business another medium to create brand recognition.

Whether your company does small to nationwide mailouts, our machines can look after everything from printing the envelopes, inserting your content and distributing via DX or NZ Post. Nothing is too big or small for us to handle.

Our printing Process

Blank Envelopes

Don’t need any printing on your envelopes? No problem. We sell boxes of blank envelopes in over 60 different styles at very competitive rates.

We supply the full range of blank Croxley envelopes from E3 to E35.

Please refer to this list for a full list of envelopes available. Only the most popular sizes are available in our online shop. All of these sizes can be printed with your own company branding.

For sizes which are unlisted in our online store, please contact us directly for pricing.

133001 – Manilla Seal Easi

133002 – White Seal Easi

133005 – White Tropical Seal

133006 – White Tropical Seal Window

133014 – White Seal Easi Window

133018 – Manilla Seal Easi Window

133320 – White Seal Easi Wallet

133321 – Manilla Seal Easi

133322 – White Tropical Seal

133323 – Manilla Tropical Seal

133324 – White Seal Easi Window Wallet

133328 – White Tropical Seal Window

133656 – White Peel & Seal Wallet

133658 – White Peel & Seel Wallet Window

133239 – White Seal Easi Pocket

133246 – Legal White Pocket

133249 – White Tropical Seal Pocket

133253 – White Peel & Seel Pocket

133257 – Manilla Tropical Seal Pocket

133078 – White Seal Easi

133079 – White Tropical Seal

133080 – White Tropical Seal Window

133081 – Manilla Tropical Seal

133082 – White Window

133243 – Manilla Tropical Seal

133264 – Manilla Tropical Seal

133241 – White Peel & Seal

133242 – White Seal Easi

133250 – White Tropical Seal

133304 – Manilla Tropical Seal

133313 – Manilla Seal Easi

133317 – White 394 x 318mm

133318 – White 444 x 368mm

133319 – White 457 x 375mm

130274 – White Tropical Seal Outside Seams

130276 – White Window Tropical Seal Outside Seams

130284 – White Tropical Seal (PO MAX)

130285 – White Seal Easi

130286 – White Window Tropical Seal Outside Seams

130287 – White Seal Easi Window

133026 – Manilla Tropical Seal

133034 – White Tropical Seal Window

133035 – White Seal Easi

133036 – White Seal Easi Window

133011 – White Tropical Seal (8’s)

133031 – White Tropical Seal

122032 – White Seal Easi (9’s)

133033 – Manilla Seal Easi

133055 – Manilla Seal Easi Window

133058 – White Window Seal Easi

133240 – White Tropical Seal

133282 – Manilla Pocket Peel & Seal

133283 – Manilla Pocket Tropical Seal

133259 – White Tropical Seal

133248 – Manilla Tropical Seal

133294 – Manilla Tropical Seal

133296 – White Tropical Seal

133231 – E14 Manilla Seal Easi 165 x 102mm (Pack 100)

133233 – E14 Manilla Window Seal Easi 165 x 102mm

133235 – E3 Wage Manilla Peel & Seal 108 x 89mm (Pack 100)

133234 – E4 Wage Manilla Peel & Seal 127 x 89mm (Pack 100)

133230 – E5 Wage White Peel & Seal 137 x 79mm (Pack 500)

133237 – E5 Wage Manilla Peel & Seal 137 x 79mm (Pack 500)

Envelope Enquiry

Get in touch to let us know how we can your business get your important mail out to customers. Blank, Prepaid and Personalised envelopes are all available based on your requirements.