Voucher Book Photo showing perforation, trim, and wrap around cover
There's more to us than just print

Copyland offer a wide range of print finishing options

Finishing refers to basically any process that occurs to the media after it has been printed. This might include applying laminate, trimming via guillotine, boring holes or binding for example.

Below is a full list of the print finishing services we are able to offer - if you're unsure what would look best for you, just get in touch.

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We can laminate up to A0 size or 1 metre wide. We have matt and gloss finishes available and can single-side BOPP laminate or double-sided fully encapsulated laminate for better water resistance.


We can trim paper sizes up to SRA2 while you wait. When Trimming is provided as a stand-alone service, costs are calculated based on the hourly rate of $69 (calculated in 15-minute blocks).

Art Mounting

We can mount your precious artwork to enhance and protect it. We offer a number of options including Paylite PVC, Block Mounting (up to 25mm) and Canvas Stretching.

Copyland Close Up of Wire/Wiro Binding Photo

Binding options to suit every occasion.

Enhance your presentation with quality binding. We provide a comprehensive range of binding options in a variety of styles and colours.

Plastic Coil Binding

Economical and reliable. Plastic Coil binding is a fast and affordable option for making reports, assignments and manuals more presentable and durable.

Wiro Binding

For that extra touch of class, wire binding will enhance any presentation, taking it from high-school quality to professional, instantly.

Perfect Binding

For the most professional presentation. This is the binding of choice for paperback books and important corporate publications like annual reports or brochures.

Printed Z-fold Brochure Image

Corner Rounding, Stapling & Hole Punching

We have the machinery on hand to quickly and easily round off corners on business cards or menus, saddle staple booklets while they are being printed and punch holes through reams of stock at once.

Creasing & Folding

Have your printing folded by us. A3 to A4, A4 to A5, DLE gate fold and Z fold. Custom folding is available by arrangement.

Pad Gluing & Perforating

Pad Gluing is the process of applying a rubber-like glue to the top of multiple sheets, allowing them to easily tear-away. Perfect for company branded notepads, order sheets, sign-in sheets and compliment forms.