Building, Construction and Landscape Printing

Building & Construction Plans


Fast, accurate, and high-quality plans to help you with your next building project.

We have a dedicated plan printing press to print any plans from A3 up to A0 size. All plans are printed to scale on 90gsm Plan paper by default. If different sizing from the supplied scale is required, just let us know.

Improve your plans

Synthetic Plans

We can print on Synthetic material (polypropylene) to make your plans last much longer on-site. Synthetic plans are tear and water-resistant, able to stand up to the harsh elements of the outdoors.


To achieve a fully waterproof print, encapsulated laminating is required to fully protect the ink on the sheet. This is availabl in all sizes up to A0.


We offer a few different binding methods for plans depending on the sheet count and size. Our preferred method is using chicago screws or staples depeding on the level of presentation required.