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Carbonless Copy Books

What are NCR Books?

NCR Stands for No Carbon Required – referring to the specially coated paper which is used to create invoice books, receipt books, order books, etc.

Not so long ago, a dedicated carbon sheet had to be manually inserted between each page before a copy could be made on the sheet below. Now, thanks to coated NCR paper, this is no longer required – simply writing on the top sheet will instantly transfer a written copy onto the bottom sheet.

NCR books are most commonly made as duplicates or triplicates – referring to the number of NCR sheets in each ‘set’. Duplicates will have the original plus one copy and triplicates will have the original plus 2 copies.

Quadruplicate books and higher are possible to make but the quality of copies will reduce as more pen pressure is required to achieve a clean copy.

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How can copy books help your business?

Many different industries benefit from the simplicity and ease of use of NCR copybooks; the most common are manufacturing, trade and hospitality businesses.

For trade and manufacturing, NCR is used to create job records, receipt books, health and safety records, order books and other workflow-related books.

In Bars & Restaurants, NCR is commonly used for order taking orders and creating copies for the kitchen and pass. The need for customisation is less common for hospitality so low-cost, common leaf NCR books are available.

Image showing NCR use in tailoring shop

Fully Customisable

We can help you design your own NCR book from scratch depending on your business requirements. This can include your branding, colours, text boxes and page set numbering. Every copybook has a different purpose so we work with you to ensure they are as functional as possible.

If you have existing NCR books that you like, we can reproduce them for you.

Available in many colours

The treated sheets of NCR paper come in a variety of colours and can be arranged in any order you like.

Most books tend to have a white top sheet with pink, blue, green or yellow being the most common choices for middle and bottom sheets.

NCR books can have a printed cover attached to the top to make them look more professional.

Various Binding Options

Copybooks are not limited to being books either - we can create NCR pads that tear away at the top like a notepad, loose sheets which can be used in a ring binder, or perfect bound books with a hardcover; there are no limits.

However, the most common binding method is quarter binding using two heavy-duty staples which are covered by a strip of fabric tape.

Plenty of finishing options

Finishing refers to all the extra options available when designing your own NCR books.

We can add a perforation to some or all of the sheets, add coloured numbering to each page set and even glue each individual copy set together.

All books and pads will have a writing shield attached to avoid copying through multiple sets.

Talk to us about NCR

Please use the contact form here to tell us about your business and how you would like to use NCR.

Pricing for customised NCR books varies quite a lot depending on the number of books, the number of copy sets in each book and the number of colours which are involved in your design.

Feel free to ask any questions if you are unsure – our friendly team will be happy to point you in the right direction.

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