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Variable Data turns your database into meaningful communication.

Variable Data Printing is a form of digital printing where each printed page can have changing elements like names, addresses, images and colours.

Historically, businesses have mostly utilised variable data printing to change the names and addresses on bulk mail-outs. While this is a good use of variable data, there are so many more direct marketing opportunities available, so long as you have the data to begin with.

Benefits of using Variable Data


The goal is to grab your customer's attention. Without your customer's name at least at the top of the page, they are unlikely to bother reading your mail any further.


Different demographics have different interests - no surprises there, right? Make sure that the printed material you send out is relevant to your customers.


If you know when your customers are having a birthday or that they have moved addresses, you can send out mail which specifically offers a discount at their new local store.


Instead of having multiple templates for your various customer segments, use just one template with variable fields to capture all segments in one print run.

How it works

Step One

Determine which fields of your design will be variable. We use [square brackets] to indicate which fields are variable and the data that will be dropped there.

Step Two

Create a spreadsheet with key data that will be relevant to variable fields on your design.

Step Three

Provide us with your designs and spreadsheet data. Decide on the placement of any other variables like images.

Step Four

Let our high-speed digital presses take care of the rest. Since everything is printed digitally, all of your variations will be finished in just one run.

How Variable Data Works - Infographic

Getting started only requires your design

To start using variable data, all we need is a design file showing what the output should be and some details around how you would like to segment your data. If you use a creative studio already, that’s perfect. Alternatively, our design team can help you create a variable template from the ground up.

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