Shipping Destinations

Copyland is happy to ship items domestically around New Zealand using either NZ Post or DX Couriers depending on the type of package and the speed of delivery required. Shipping to Australia is available on request but pricing is variable so this must be arranged on a case by case basis.

General Pricing

Prices for shipping are calculated based on destination, size and weight. The following pricing is intended to be used as a guide and can vary depending on any of the above variables.

  • Christchurch – $7 or FREE if total order exceeds $100
  • South Island – $8 for < 12kg | $14 for 13 – 25kg
  • North Island – $10 for < 12kg | $18 for 13 – 25kg

Shipping Times

All print orders are dispatched on the same day they are completed. Depending on the courier service used, items can take from 1 – 4 business days to arrive. South Island deliveries usually arrive within 2 business days, North Island deliveries can take up to 4 business days from dispatch.